Video-Finish-Pro 2D

VERSION 4.0.22
REF. VT10-12
Video-Finish-Pro 2D
Visualise the 4th dimension

We have listened to you

In 2010 we developed our first Video-Finish-Pro.
Since then we have heard and recorded all your requests.
Here is today our new camera.
The new Video-Finish-Pro 2D system will surprise you.


The alignment, the sharpness, the framing : it's child's play

With the 2D mode you visualize the finish line as you see it.
It is easy to superimpose the finish line with the reticle of the camera.
We also integrated the live visualization of the 2D stream in Wifi on a smartphone.


Sensitivity to light is pushed to the extreme

High speed of passage, low light and correct mobile proportions are difficult to reconcile.
The Video-Finish-Pro has a video sensor with greatly increased sensitivity,
We added a movie stretch algorithm when recording.
This procedure reduces the acquisition speed by keeping the right proportion for mobiles.


Improve post-production rendering of your film

Before or after recording, you can change the rendering of the film.
You can adjust the levels of red, green, blue, contrast and brightness.
Your film will best reflect your professionalism.