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Software for Alpine Skiing Management

Codici :
Completo : CL220
Update : CL220/U
Notizia :
Version : 6.0.06
Date :
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Change Log

Version 6.0.06 (13/12/2017)

- Parallels: if there is a small final, when opening the timing window for the last final phase, the small final is presented first.
- (VLS487) Parallel final phases other than first phase, window Start List: the option Prepare with the last round processes so that the lower bib of each duel is on the red track. Édits Start List (tab) and Ranking (tab): added a new column Track with the color of the track where the competitor runs, and winning competitors are displayed after the corresponding duel. 

Version 6.0.04 (06/12/2017)

- (VLS449) Parallels: if the option is checked to "Only the last run counts", non ranked status are recorded for each run and display of theses statuses according to the run currently being recorded.
- (VLS478) USCSA (USA): race identifier on 9 alphanumeric characters instead of 7 digits.

Version 6.0.03 (22/11/2017)

- (VLS244) Importation of FIS courses: for Spain replacement of nation code "SPA" by "ESP", withdrawal of a control blocking the recording of FIS courses in the window Header in case no competitor list has been downloaded, and update of the parsing of the data provided by FIS for FIS courses.
- (VLS453) Update of language file in norwegian.
- (VLS454) Team Parallels in Alpine Skiing and Team Sprint in Telemark: translation completions.
- (VLS455) Help, Àbout: update of the email address of Dag Herrem for translation in Norwegian.

Version 6.0.02 (07/11/2017)

- (VLS41) ESF (France): the maximum times for medals are always displayable on scoreboards and Video-.
- (VLS58) ESF (France): possibility to set up to 3 forerunners and to assign them a bib. The best time after applying handicap is automatically recorded for the medals calculation. All forerunners who have a bib and a time are displayed in the header of result edits.
- (VLS103) Freeform header: restoration of the possibility to modify the size, style and police of characters.
- (VLS119) Translation of the message "There is no default printer currently selected.".
- (VLS187) Menu Local configuration, Directories: new button which enables to share the meeting directory for using over network with Display/Live/Video.
- (VLS224) US Ski & Snowboard (USA): the federation has changed. Initials USSA replaced by US S&S.
- (VLS230) FIS Alpine Combined: for levels EC European Cup and WC World Cup, only competitors having completed the technical heat are exported in the speed event results when exporting only the speed heat as a FIS event.
- (VLS239) Édit "Start List": blocking of the import of an edit format for tab discipline to a standard edit and conversely.
- (VLS253) Update of language file in Russian.
- (VLS254) Parallels: activation of the display duration on scoreboards and Video- for data "Track 1: Running time of competitor on course / Time at finish", "Track 2: Running time of competitor on course / Time at finish", "Track 1: Result", "Track 2: Result", "Track 1: Winner", "Track 2: Winner".
- (VLS256) List of ouvreurs ESF (France): correction of the title of columns Handicap Fond and Handicap Ski Cross.
- (VLS257) ESF (France), download of the list of ESF forerunners: when the forerunner file indicates no handicap, "999,99" is recorded.
- (VLS261) Parallel final phases, window Start List: the option Prepare with the last round orders bibs so that the lowest bib of each heat is on the red track.
- (VLS270) Telemark: added support for discipline Team Parallel Sprint with ranking edits FIS export.
- (VLS271) Parallels of Telemark, FIS export: correction of the not classified exportation.
- (VLS273) Parallels, edit: Start List (tab). The standard format now applies a zoom of 90 % in order to have the starting tabs of 1/16th of finals fitting into a single page.
- (VLS279) In the window Timing, correction of the closing of edit Event Ranking.
- (VLS280) Telemark, parallel events: 1/16th of finals start list format is now preloaded.
- (VLS293) ACA (Canada): when exporting a FIS event, two files are created: the FIS file to be sent to FIS and the ACA file to be uploaded on the website acapoints.ca.
- (VLS297) ESF (France): Addition of the field médaille for the display for every new ESF race.
- (VLS305) ESF (France): for events with two rounds, a window now suggests to add to the start list of the second round the DNF, DSQ and in option the DNS.
- (VLS311) NSKIV (Nederlands): update of the download address for the list of NSKIV competitors..
- (VLS317) Menu Help: new submenu Remote control.
- (VLS319) New event type "Parallel Team Event" for team parallels as described by article 1212 of the FIS rules. Support for FIS export.
- (VLS323) Menu Help, Report a technical request: a clickable window Informs of the procedure for a technical request.
- (VLS341) Parallels: clarification of the first phase of finals column title in the window "Select active event". If there is only one sub-event set up, its first phase level will always be the phase selected in "Event Type".
- (VLS345) US S&S (USA): update of alpine age categories. And anticipated: masters age categories. FIS: update of minimum and maximum penalties, F factors, adders, FIS event levels, age categories in discipline alpine, masters, speed skiing. And anticipated: Telemark age categories. FFS (France): update of alpine age categories. And anticipated: age categories for summer, masters, speed skiing, telemark. Swiss-Ski (Switzerland): anticipated update of alpine age categories. OESV (Austria): update of age categories for alpine, masters. FAE (Andorra): checking of F factors. NSKIV (Nederlands): update of alpine age categories. DSV (Germany): anticipated update of alpine age categories. NSF (Norway): update of alpine age categories. ACA (Canada): anticiped update of alpine age categories. RFEDI (Spain): anticipated update of alpine age categories. SSA (Australia): update of alpine age categories.
- (VLS348) Update of language file in Polish.
- (VLS370) Menu Local configuration, Folders: added new bouton "Share without password". This button displays the control panel opened at the page of advanced sharing settings so that the user can check the very last option "Password protected option". This option must be turned off for using optionnal connected applications: Live-, Display-, Video-, Clips-, etc.
- (VLS401) Update of language files in Spanish and Catalan.
- (VLS407) Update of the FIS homologation numbers for timing devices from the page: https://data.fis-ski.com/services/timing-and-data/homologated-timing-equipment.html.
- (VLS408) RFEDI (Spain): update of the download address for RFEDI points lists. Standard width for last name have been increased.
- (VLS224) US Ski & Snowboard (USA): initials USSA replaced by USA.
- (VLS434) US Ski & Snowboard (USA): update of the Technical Delegate Report.
- (VLS435) US Ski & Snowboard (USA): update of the Alpine Race Result Transmittal Sheet.
- (VLS436) US Ski & Snowboard (USA): update of the XML export format for results.

Version 5.0.25 (31/07/2017)

Supports now the new discipline "Practise" for the Live Publish

Version 5.0.24 (30/06/2017)

- Edits "Times records" and "Times records (by numbers)": addition of options enabling to display or not start hours, intermediate and finish hours and net times.
- In discipline "Practice": possibility to insert a column with the data "Transit" which displays the order of the transit for current competitor.
- In discipline "Practice": the time format of the event is applied on net times at finish and intermediates.
- In discipline "Practice": withdrawal of the edit "Event Ranking" because in discipline Practice there is just one Round.

Version 5.0.23 (28/06/2017)

- Discipline Practice: if "Maximum gap between the x best transits" is selected, the number of transits taken into consideration for the ranking is constrained to minimum 2 transits.
- Discipline Practice: if the type of ranking is changed, the window suggesting to recalculate the ranking is displayed.
- Edits  "Times records" and "Times records (by numbers)": update of the page footers and header, possibility to display the names and data of the competitors. For discipline Practice, these edits are now available in the menu "Other printing and Utilities" too.
- Edit "Timing device paper": update of the page footers and header.

Version 5.0.22 (27/06/2017)

- Window "Event type": addition of a new discipline "Practice" which enables to record several transits by competitor.
- Discipline "Practice": possibility to rank according to the total of the x best transits or the gap between the best and the worst of the x best transits.
- Discipline "Practice": if the user changes the number of transit taken into account, a window enables to recalculate the times of the ranking.

Version 5.0.21 (20/06/2017)

- correction of a bug arising when downloading the SSA race file (Australia)

Version 5.0.20 (02/03/2017)

Parallel : New option for not taking the time / gap from previous runs into account
Parallel : The maximum gap is applies without previous confirmation
Download FTP SNMF : Desactivation of the host test (blocking on certain networks)
Other minor optimisations

Version 5.0.18 (08/02/2017)

- (VLS88) USSA (USA): update of the USSA Technical Delegate Report - Alpine.
- (VLS159) Timing window: correction of the display of child windows after clicking on the SkiAlp-Pro icon on the task bar..
- (VLS189) FIS, Télémark: correction of the recommended maximum penalty.
- (VLS229) ESF (France), "Manage Competitors": new possibility to import from the "liste des moniteurs ESF".
- Translation complements in norwegian, spanish, catalan.

Version 5.0.17 (09/01/2017)

- (VLS44) Update of language file in Italian.
- (VLS75) Update of language file in Norwegian.
- (VLS91) OESV (Austria), edit "Referee report": wider field for the place "in:".
- (VLS94) USCSA (USA): correction of the import of the USCSA list for fields containing comas and delimited with double-quotes.
- (VLS95) ESF (France): in the export of an ESF event with format .SAV correction of forerunners handicap export.
- (VLS101) USCA (USA), window "General Parameters": restoration of the possibility to enter the USCSA race code.

Version 5.0.16 (04/01/2017)

- Swiss-Ski : correction of an error in the Swiss Ski header

Version 5.0.15 (04/01/2017)

(VLS82) OESV (Austria): correction of the display of jury members in edits headers

Version 5.0.14 (04/01/2017)

- OESV (Austria): when updating OESV lists with or without points, the file for clubs is first searched for the season following the detected list number, then for the same season and in last resort for the previous season.

Version 5.0.13 (29/12/2016)

- In "Manage Competitors", withdrawal of the information popup when the cursor is over an empty line.
- FFS and ESF (France): when importing .SAV files, intialisation of the points for competitors without points.
- Correction of the number of runs taken into account in rankings.
- ESF (France): new possibility to export events to the .SAV format specific for the ESF application.

Version 5.0.12 (27/12/2016)

- (VLS68) In configuration "Swiss-Ski": for FIS events, correction of the recording of the temperature entered in the window "Header". And for Swiss-Ski level events: correction of the titles in the window "Header".
- (VLS69) USSA (USA): correction of the edit "USSA Referee Report".

Version 5.0.11 (21/12/2016)

(VLS30) MyLaps : add support for WatchDog in Tranx 3 (firmware > v4.0)
(VLS54) Write to optionnal software do not break stream flow (decoders included).
Network read/write are done on a separate thread.
Adjustement of keep-alive interval to 2500 milliseconds.
- Menu "Downloads": useless options have been removed when displaying the downloaded list.
- ESF (France): correction of menus for updating from clubesf.com.

Version 5.0.10 (09/12/2016)

- FFS (France): clarification of the FFS import option: file extension: only .SAV, no .DAT extension.
- ESF (France): in "Manage Competitors" button "Options" clarification of the menu "Import Competitors from an ESF text file" and removal of the filter "*.txt" because the ESF files sometimes have other extension or none. Removal of the "Aaria" format which is no longer used. In "Manage Competitors" option "Import Competitors from a FFS or ESF file (.SAV)": import of the bib and points of each competitor.
- Alpine Combined: the discipline of the speed run can now be set: in "Event type", button "Parameters". It is possible to process a single export at the end of the Alpine Combined: the single XML file will contain both the Combined results with the codex for Combined and the speed run results with its Speedcodex. And after the speed run, it is also possible to export only this run as a Downhill or Super-G event with the codex entered in the text-box for "Speedcodex (Downhill or Super-G)" of the "General Parameters" window and the ranking only for this speed event. Then export the Combined at the end of Alpine Combined.
- Parallel: for parallels with no qualification event, withdrawal of the window asking to select the qualification event.
- ESF (France): in the window "Header", button "Sélection de l'ouvreur": new possibility to update the handicaps from the list of forerunners currently downloaded on the computer. And new menu line for removing in one click a forerunner from the list.
- ESF (France): the downloads of monitors and forerunners lists are moved under the menu "Downloads".
- Downloads of lists: if the download does not take place, only the cancellation of the update is available.
- ESF: restoration of imports and updates from clubesf.com.
- ESF: in "Manage Competitors", option "Mettre à jour les concurrents depuis clubesf.com": refresh of the list of competitors is now processed for each selected "concurrent similaire".
- Scoreboard: "MICROGATE µTAB". How to configure these LED lines:
   1) Hold down the "LAP-Reset" button during at least two seconds to access the Setup module
   2) Select the program "BASE PROGRAM" with the Start-Stop button.
   3) Then, scroll through the parameters with the "Lap-Reset" button.
   You can change the "col" parameter with the "start-stop" button from 0 to 25, which corresponds to line 1 to 26 in SkiAlp-Pro.
   4) Scroll through the parameters with the "Lap-Reset" button until exit from the configuration menu.
- In menu "Local configuration", then "National regulations": addition of a drop-down menu to choose the format of the editions in "A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)" or "US letter (216 mm x 279 mm)". This takes into account the US letter printing format if the printer is also set for this format "US letter".
- When the option "Use freeform header" is selected in the "General Parameters": in the window "Header", replacement of the input space in Rich Text Format by a standard text input to correct the pixelation. This free header is always displayed in bold.
- In menu "Help", then "FIS coefs": update of the link to the FIS document.
- Parallels: initialisation of the number of run to 1 for the parallels without qualification event.

Version 5.0.05 (26/10/2016)

- FIS: update of the nation code for Spain "SPA" turns to "ESP".
- Download of FIS courses: country codes are now listed in alphabetical order.
- Window "National regulations": country names are now listed in alphabetical order.

Version 5.0.04 (21/10/2016)

- USSA (USA): Activation of the discipline "Kinder Kombi" in USSA, code "KK". Uses points, F-factor and maximum penalty of "Giant Slalom".
- Snow seed: following the rule FIS 621.10, for Downhill, Super G et Giant Slalom, in the window "Start List" addition of a "Snow Seed" option. This enables to draw a minimum of 6 competitors among the 20% of the end of the start list to move them up to the first starting position. This option is recorded for these competitors. Possibility to apply or not this Snow Seed. A star is displayed in the window "Start List" and in the edit "Start List".
- Window "Header": for the USSA races and FIS races in USA, when the prompt is on the 2nd run, the F1 key displays now the USSA competitors list instead of USSA officials.
- Edition "Final ranking": in events with several runs, for the DNS DNF DSQ: display of their times for the runs where they have a validated time and DNS, DNF, DSQ otherwise.
- Window "Header" at level FIS, OESV and Swiss-Ski: addition of check-boxes which enable to directly control the display or not of officials in edits. With USA rules, all officials are tick-marked as a standard except Start and Finish Referee and Course Chief. With USA rules, possibility to enter the data for the "RACE ADMINISTRATOR" official for FIS races in the same way of what existed for USSA races in the former "ADMINISTRATION" field. The "RACE ADMINISTRATOR" data can not be displayed in edits, they are only useful for the USSA result export file and the "TIMEKEEPER" mission is called "DATA MANAGEMENT" in USA.
- Window "Start List", button "Options", menu "Prepare using another start list": correction to restore the "Bibo" functionnality.
- Menu "Local configuration", window "National regulations" if there is no dongle correctly coded, two modes are now possibles: "Management" which is useful for Race Administrators in USA, and "Demo" which enables to test timing within the limit of twenty day times.
- USSA (USA): for the discipline Kinder Kombi: no penalty calculation, no active points.
- Window "List choice": addition of a progress bar. ESF lists have been withdrawn for all regulations except France.
- Correction of the list number display in the window displaying the competitors of any federal list.
- Championship: correction of the display of results with decimals.
- USCSA (USA): with USA regulation selected, new race levels are available in the window "Event type" for the "USCSA" events and "USCSA+USSA". Support for the download of the USCSA competitors list. Support for the export of USCSA races and USSA+USCSA races. Support for the sending of results through FTP.
- USSA (USA): update of the competitors list download to follow the change of the list names on USSA side.
- Window for importing competitors lists: widening of the filed "list number". When recording a list update, the error messages are no longer hidden by the progress bar for recording.
- USSA (USA): Transmittal Report: addition of first names for forerunners of run 1 and 2.
- Competitors database: addition of 5 fields "Custom" which can be set up to complete the competitors description.
- Window "Event type": the discipline "Giant" is renamed as "Giant Slalom".
- In "Manage Runs" when SkiAlp-Pro is in "Management" mode, the button "Modify Data" is displayed whatever regulation is selected instead of USA only.
- Referee Report: correction to prevent the report being built up and displaying errors if "Cancel" is clicked.
- Swiss-Ski (Switzerland): in the "Header" window the field "Chef de piste ou Coach" is replaced by "Coach".
- In "Local configuration" menu "Display Board N": correction of the loading of standard scoreboard scenarios.
- OESV (Austria): in the XML results export, addition of age categories.
- Windows "Modify Data", "Manage un-processed" and "Timing": if the synchronisation timestamp is not known to the software, the net times and statuses of non ranked competitors are created with the start hour added to one millisecond. And a "+" icon is attached to these day times if they are toggled to valid time.
- Team rankings: correction so that checking the box "Skip a page" does apply a page end in the edit. Correction too of "Number max by filter". And correction of the counting of ranked team. Translation complements in the window for setting team rankings.
- "Manage Competitors", option "Assign bibs", adding or editing a competitor and window "Start List": the bib range dedicated to forerunners can not be used in assigning bibs nor in the start list.
- OESV (Austria): in the "Referee Report", fields containing bib numbers equal to 100 or higher are automatically resized to prevent the display of a "+" sign indicating a text field overflow.
- Window "Modify Data": removal of the button "Cancel" which did not process a cancel operation but a reload of the displayed competitor. Clicking the upper right red cross processes without confirmation: saves the displayed competitors then closes the window.
- Menu "Files"/"Manage Events"/"Restore an Event": if the desired location for restoring is already occupied, a message gives the possibility to empty this location by deleting the corresponding event.
- For training runs in Downhill and Super-G: they are distinct events with their one race codex. For these disciplines a check-box "This event is a training run" has been added with the possibility to enter the sequential number of this training. The codex of this training run must still be entered in the field "Codex" of the "General Parameters".
- USSA (USA), FFS (France), SSA (Australia): for national races having a different race codex for different groups according to category and sex, when exporting the event, a message informs that the desired sub-event must have been tick-marked in the "General Parameters".
- USSA (USA): translation complements for the language file for english.
- USSA (USA): addition of fields "Cross Reference 1" and "Cross Reference 2" which can be imported from a file, but wich can not be modified with the button "Modify" of "Manage Competitors" section. These fields are exported in the XML elements "XRef1" and "XRef2".
- USSA (USA): in the window "Filter List" when clicking on the button "Load": addition of a choice of standard filters lists from the federations of the selected country. USSA (USA): in the set up window for the edit "Start List" when clicking on the button "Load": addition of the USSA format for start list edits.
- FFS (France): the FFS condiders Masters races as part of discipline "Alpine". The discipline type "Masters" has therefore been withdrawn, setting the race as "Masters" is still done at export step when chosing the "Regroupements FFS".
- FIS Timing Report: the day times are transmitted with the maximum precision. The application FIS Timing Report 3.3.1 enables to enter the 1/10000th of second as the highest precision, namely 4 decimals.
- "Timing" window: any competitor already having a status or being started can be presented at start again by double-clicking in the list of competitors expected at start.
- Window "Start List": option "Prepare from ranking of another run", if there is a bibo and that a tie exists on the last position taken into account in the bibo, the FIS rule 621.11.2 is applied: all ex aequos start in first postions, following the bib ascending order.
- In "Manage Competitors", button "Options", menu "Assign bibs": if validated with "OK" and if there is still competitors with no bib entered: display a window asking for confirmation.
- In parallel qualifications, in case of a missing time, in the window "Modify Data", button "Calculator", the day times of both tracks are now listed and available to process the calculation.
- FIS Timing and Data Technical Report: when clicking on this menu, the FIS Timing Report export is directly offered, and SkiAlp-Pro does not record any further the emails and phone numbers of the jury, neither the details of the timing equipment used. Update of the folder containing the temporary file for the FIS application.
- FIS: in "Final ranking" edits, the header now contains the number of competitors and the number of NSA.
- ACA (Canada): correction of the ACA export.
- Improved visual aspect of the the user interface.
- ICR FIS rule 627: addition of the status: "NPS Not Permitted to Start". SkiAlp-Pro displays this status in edits. And the NPS status is  exported "NPS" in the XML "Data exchange" file for the FIS, but "DNS" for all other federations which have not published any update for their XML exchange format.
- USSA (USA): button "Others printing / Utilities..." menu "USSA Technical Delegate Report - Alpine": correction of the counting of DNS, DNF and DSQ.
- "Others printing / Utilities...", menu "Referee Report": for the FIS races display of a window stating that the Referee Report must be entered independently from SkiAlp-Pro. In USSA regulation, addition of an edit with the standard Vola format for the referee report. This edits fits in length in order to list all the non-ranked.
- USSA (USA): update of the Transmittal Report.
- Alpine Combined: update of the discipline code "SC" to "AC". This applies for example to XML exports for FIS, USSA, ACA, FFS. Only the FFS calendar still contains "SC" for the Alpine Combined.
- USSA (USA): update of age categories in Alpine and Masters, checking of F factors and maximum and minimum penalty and checking of points lists download for Alpine and Masters.
- FIS: checking of F factors and maximum and minimum penalty and adders according to race level, update of FIS race categories, age categories in Alpine, Masters, Speed Skiing and Telemark and XML export for the format v2.7 of the "FIS Data Exchange".
- FFS (France): checking of F factors, update of default, minimum and maximum penalty, of the list of FFS levels, of age categories.
- ESF (France): checking of medals coefficients.
- Swiss-Ski (Suisse): update of age categories.
- OESV (Autriche): update of age categories, checking of F factors, update of the download of the OESV 'no-point' list.
- NSKIV (Pays-Bas): update of age categories, checking of F factors and of the NSKIV points list download.
- NSF (Norvège): update of age categories.
- ACA (Canada): update of age categories.
- DSV (Allemagne): update of age categories.
- RFEDI (Espagne): update of age categories.
- TD report: on FIS races, the TD report has been removed, because for 2016/2017 season the FIS wants that the 'TD Report' must be filled byt the TD web site fis-ski.com. The pre-fill of the 'TD Report' must no longer be integrated in the software for computer processing of races.
- Addition of a menu "Downloads" between "Files" and "Event". This menu contains all download operations for SkiAlp-Pro: federal points lists, FIS homologated courses lists.
- Edits headers: addition of the F factor.
- Optimisation of the cache for timing data databases.
- Update of the library for managing SQLITE databases.
- Timing booklet: up to 256 files. The deletion of a file is taken into account.
- Timing devices: addition of the Race Results USB Timing Box. Correction of sound reading on a n impules for decoders.
- NSKIV (Netherlands): correction NSKIV Alpine List dowload which uses a SSL secure connection.
- FAE (Andorre): the standard list for Andorra is now the FFS list ; the "FAE Alpine List" has been removed.
- FFS (France) and USSA (USA): in "Manage Competitors", addition of pop-up hint labels over the competitor grid explaining that when a line is red it corresponds to a competitor which is not in the active ranking and when there is a yellow sign it means that the competitor has not a valid update.
- Update of language files in german, german (Austria) and english.
- Edit "Final ranking": correction of the display of the F factor in documents headers on FIS races.
- Edit "Final ranking": correction of the translation of "Number of NSA".
- FIS: update of the name of the FIS 'Timing and Data Technical Report' application. In the window which follows, once the button "Export" is clicked the FIS application launches and only the button "Close" is displayed.
- Team rankings: correction of the not ranked teams lists.
- Team rankings: correction of the team total count.
- FFS (France): update of age categories, FFS age groups and levels.
- FIS: update of F factors in Telemark.

Version 4.0.29 (02/09/2016)

- FIS Timing and Data Technical Report: according to the procedure set by the FIS, the update of the FIS application "Timing Report" is now done independently from SkiAlp-Pro. The sending of data to the "FIS Timing Report" application requires to have the administrator rights on the computer and can be used with the version 3.3.1 of the FIS Timing Report.
- Results for FIS races organised by SSA (Australia): correction of the standard name for the result file.
- SSA (Australia): correction of the download of the SSA points list and of the active column of points when the disciplines "Giant" or "Slalom" are chosen.

Version 4.0.25 (07/07/2016)

Adding SSA federation.
Adding SSA regions.
Adding coefficients by default based on those of the FIS (slalom and giant Management).
Management import competitors and SSA points.
The FIS export under the SSA federation to create two files: the XML 2.4 FIS and a second with the field "NAT_code" more receiving SSA codex.
The SSA export is based on XML 2.4 FIS (Fisresults tag => SSAresults, Usedfislist => Usedssalist)
Improved management handles in federations modes.
Fixed centering the category management window.
Season Calendar begins on 1 July.

Version 4.0.24 (08/03/2016)

- ESF (France): when importing a competitor from clubesf.com, the ESF code is recorded.
- Scoreboard "VOLA SCOREBOARD-PRO": possibility to display accentuated characters.
- Timing Device Alge Timy linked through USB: a parallel task has been created to connect, read, write and handle event. This avoids to stop the main software task.
- Database: update of the SQLite library to version 3.11.0.

Version 4.0.22 (23/02/2016)

- Referee report: correction of the pre-fill of bib numbers for disqualified competitors.

Version 4.0.21 (17/02/2016)

- Team Events: correction of filter in edits: are now listed only the teams in which all competitors correspond to each filter.
- In the timing window, setting a forerunner's status to DNS does not list this forerunner as running on first sector.
- ESF (France): the competitors found with the same name, same ESF code and same year of birth are automatically updated. And restoration of the recording of a choice in the "Concurrents similaires" window.

Version 4.0.20 (09/02/2016)

- FFS (France): due to the new settings of the FFS FTP server the process for sending results to FFS has been updated.

Version 4.0.19 (05/02/2016)

- In"Local configuration", window "Publication on the Internet" the password for Prints-Pro is now recorded.
- Window "Modify Data" when outside of the timing window: restoration of the recording of the net time if a finish time of day is attributed to a competitor already started.
- Correction when a non calculated net time is detected when opening the timing window, this net time is now calculated and recorded.

Version 4.0.18 (31/01/2016)

- OESV (Autriche): when creating a new competitor the year is initialised to 0 instead of 1899.
- ESF (France): when creating a new competitor the year is initialised to 0 instead of 1899.
- ESF (France): for races of type "Mémorial", no data "Ouvreur" are exported anymore.
- ESF (France): when creating or importing competitors, the question asking to update or not from clubesf.com is now asked only once.

Version 4.0.17 (20/01/2016)

- Window "Modify Data": correction of the status change of a competitor who has already finished. This status is now reported into the times of day displayed in the timing window.
- Edit "Final Ranking", option "Statistics of the results": correction of the count of competitors marked "Disqualified" corresponding to the competitors in "Manage competitors" which are not in the start list.
- FFS (France): Menu "Files" / "FFS Calendar": if they are empty pre-fill of age categories, sex and in sprint and parallels: pre-fill of the levels of finals.

Version 4.0.16 (15/01/2016)

- USSA: Penalty calculation for USSA in a FIS race: USSA points are now displayed instead of FIS points.
- FIS list for USSA: restoration of the update of Slalom and Alpine Combined points.
- Menu "Help" / "Check Version/Update": Video-SkiAlp-Pro installation packages are now listed too.
- ESF (France): possibility to display the time for each medals on scoreboards.

Version 4.0.14 (11/01/2016)

- FIS: when exporting a FIS race in which the FIS race code has not been filled, SkiAlp-Pro now throws again an explanation error.
- ESF (France): when importing or creating a competitor in an ESF race, his code is checked on the web server clubesf.com and if needed an update of his data is suggested.
- FIS Telemark: correction in USA and France regulation: the points fields are now correctly named "Classic" and "Sprint" as standard names.
- Update of language files in Italian and Norwegian.
- Telemark: correction: in the timing window or outside of it, changing the penalty does not create a time of day except in the case where the penalty is modified simultaneously with the status in the window "Information / Penalty".
- ESF (France): in "Manage competitors" after a clic on the menu "Options" / "Importer de nouveaux concurrents depuis clubesf.com", the ESF code is now recorded.
- ESF (France): Ski Open points list: during initial update, progress bars are now displayed to inform of the advancement of the process.
- ESF (France): withdrawal of useless controls when downloading and importing the SkiOpen list. This accelarates these processes.
- ESF (France): when exporting, correction of the position of the button "export points ESF".

Version 4.0.13 (31/12/2015)

- FFS: the control of a FIS codex has been removed for FFS level races.
- USSA: when exporting a FIS race, if the FIS codex has a wrong format, the error message indicates the expected format: "1043".

Version 4.0.12 (23/12/2015)

- USSA: in the configuration "Management mode" new button "Modify Data" in the "Manage runs" section.
- USSA: Transmittal Report: for each jury member, the Region is now pre-filled.
- ESF (France): new possibility to download the official list of forerunners with their handicap and to record them in the window "Header" through the window "Sélection de l'ouvreur" and keyboard shortcut F1.
- Swiss-Ski: restoration of the "rapport du DT Swiss-Ski" instead of the FIS referee report which list both the not ranked competitors.
- USSA: in the window "Header", when pressing the F1 key to import an USSA official, its code is now displayed in the field "USSA ID" instead of "FIS ID".
- Parallel events: if there are several active events on the same event file, the active filter is applied to the qualification events in particular for the start list being prepared with the last round. Display of the custom age categories.
- USSA: possibility to enter the FIS TD code with up to 4 digits.
- USSA: for FIS races, restoration of the USSA ID in field nat_code of the XML for USSA competitors exportation in the .XML export file for USSA.

Version 4.0.09 (16/12/2015)

- USSA: when updating the points list "FIS Alpine List (only for USSA)" the field Club is now recognized and imported.
- USSA: when importing points lists, the full last name and full first name are imported whatever their number of characters, instead of the previous limitation to 26 characters.
- USSA: the FIS Codex must now be entered as 4 digits. The control of this format has been updated in the window "Select current active event" in USSA or in Parallel events and when exporting results to .XML for FIS and USSA. When exporting for FIS, SkiAlp-Pro controls that the Nation has been correctly entered in the window "General Parameters" and the TD FIS ID as 3 digits in the window "Header".
- USSA: in the window "Start List", with the option "Prepare from ranking of another run" and if not-ranked are chosen to be included, the choice of a total bibo (check-box "All") will now maintain the not-ranked at the end of the start list.
- ESF (France): in the import window for the "Ski Open List", the menu "Importer de nouveaux concurrents" does not allow any more to record a competitor if he is already in the downloaded list and if he has an ESF code.
- RFEDI (Spain): update of the points lists download adress.
- Update of the translation files in Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Catalan, German and German(Austria).

Version 4.0.08 (07/12/2015)

- USSA: addition of two new group of categories: U8-U16 and U14-SR.
- USSA: after the event export, addition in the .XML results file of the detail of completed run times for non-ranked of the final ranking and addition of the status if not time: under tags "notranked" the tags "Timerun" contain a time or a status.
- USSA: addition of official Masters categories in the installation pack.
- USSA: importation of the field Club when updating the USSA points lists.
- USSA: window "General parameters": addition of a pre-filled list of states recorded at USSA.
- USSA: in Masters, addition of disciplines "Downhill" and "Alpine Combined".
- USSA: window "Header": when a field for forerunners is clicked and the keyboard F1 key is pressed: the USSA competitors list is displayed instead of the USSA officials list.
- USSA: withdrawal of the option Prints-Pro since it had only part of the possibilities of Live-Publish-SkiAlp-Pro and ussalivetiming.com.
- FFS (France): update of the name of the federal file containing updated data for competitors licensed at FFS.
- USSA: if there is a codex change in the timing window, update of the active event label at the top of the main window when outside of timing.
- USSA: addition of the edit "TECHNICAL DELEGATE REPORT - ALPINE".
- Timing window: ranking and historic grids are refreshed after every data modification in the window "Information / Penalty".
- USSA: in Slalom or Giant Slalom events with 2 runs, new option to select not ranked from run 1 when creating the start list for run 2 with the option "Prepare from ranking of another run". The not-ranked are added at the end of the list and sorted by bib. If there is a list of filters they are added at the end of their group.
- Referee report: correction of the check-box option enabling to avoid the prefill of hours of display time and deadline.
- Update of the language file in italian.

Version 4.0.05 (27/11/2015)

- Timing device Alge Timer S4: correction of the extraction of the hundredth and thousandth of seconds.
- Support for two new timing devices: the SummitTimer SRT1000 and SRT500. Note : first integration of SummitTimmer in the software.
- USSA: when exporting FIS races, two files are now created: the first is named with the FIS codex and must be sent to the FIS, and the second is named with the USSA code and must be sent to the USSA.
- Timing window: in USA reglementation, addition of a new combo-box enabling to switch from a codex race to another one.
- Window "Modify Data": correction of the net time recording process in case of time being entered in the "Calculator".
- In "Management" mode, data for Live-Publish- are sent as soon as the event is opened.
- OESV: window "Manage Competitors": addition of a new menu to import .XML fichiers from SkiZeit.at.

Version 4.0.04 (12/11/2015)

- Edit "Times record": the last impulse is now listed correctly.
- Team results: correction in the case where a list of filters is applied.
- Update of language files in italian and polish. Additional items in the translations.
- Alpine Combined (AC) replaces the Super Combined (SC).
- Update of icons "Timing device parameters", and of buttons for sending data (Start List, Ranking, and stop) to scoreboards and to the application Video-.
- Data sent to Live- and Display-: new data "Gap (Categories)".
- Team ranking: only the results of competitors counting for the ranking are written in bold.
- Handicap races: new possibility to choose to display handicap values in percentage (0.00 to 100.00) or in coefficients (0.0000 à 1.0000). Handicap: correction of the data "Gap" without handicap which is calculated from the best ranked according to time without handicap. Handicap: correction of roundings in the data "Gap Hdcp" with handicap. Handicap: new option "Handicap race" for all national federations. In the case of percentages without decimals, the two decimals are not displayed (edits, rankings) and have no impact when importing / editing competitors.
- The application can only record times of day: importing net times is no longer possible. Off-line timing: the button "Download" is now enabled for timing devices ALGE Timy/Timy2/Timy3 and ALGE TDC8000/8001.
- In Demo mode, if there is more than 20 times of day or more than 10 net times, the timing window cannot be opened.
- "Delete data from only those selected competitors" now unactivates the impulses of the competitor and always deletes his calculated net time.
- In timing mode: Window "Information / Penalty (F12)": new possibility to modify the "Status". The created hour equals to the hour on the previous line + 1 s.
- In timing mode: Wenêtre "Information / Penalty (F12)": activation of the calculator.
- Calculator: net time and impulses day times are now recorded. The sign "-" is displayed if the calculated time is negative.
- "Modify Data": the modification of net times at finish and at intermediates is no longer possible outside of the timing window.
- Outside of timing: withdrawal of options for importing net times from a timing device or a file.
- Offline timing: new possibility to import day times from a file.
- OESV: Penalty calculation: DSQ, DNS, DNF competitors are now listed.
- OESV: when importing competitors, years of birth are filled from the date of birth value.
- Import of OESV points list: correction of downhill points import.
- OESV: at penalty calculation, if there are several competitors ranked 10, only the highest bib is retained.
- OESV: at penalty calculation, the case where there is less than 5 competitors with less than 999 points in the ten best ranked is treated.
- OESV: update of the download address for competitors without points.
- OESV: new option for updating clubs from the file Verein.dbf and the first characters of the competitors code. This update is available when importing competitors from a file too.
- Swiss-Ski: wider field for "Club" in edits header.
- FIS courses in french regulation: correction of the altitudes precision and their import in header fields.
- Tutorial "Insertion of a missing time with the calculator".
- Edits "Team ranking": display of the total time gap for each ranked team.
- FIS: Referee report: update of the official FIS form, with the possibility to complete it in a PDF file editor.
- Timing window: in "Software parameters" / "Timing" : renaming of options "Blocking period" and "Minimum time".
- Tutorial «  Swiss-Ski Start list in keeping the bibs from another event and draw on the best 15 »
- Window « Diploms /Certificates » and « Print labels » : adding of filtering options by rank or by bib
- Window Timing : in the list of expected competitors, a double-clic is enough to put the desired competitor number as next one expected on the finish line
- Window Diploms/Certificates and Print lables : new possibilities to display the flags
- Bib Assignment : If a filter list is activ the infos are displayed in the window of bib assignment. Possibility to insert a shift in the bibs. If a filter list is active, a shift is proposed at the head of each filtered group
- In case of entering a DNS, the Time of Day Created is at 0 instead of Window of «Manage un-processed ». At each status entered a time of day is created
-Loading the timing datas from another event, the time of days are also imported
-Icons « Start List » , « Ranking », « Scoreboard » and « « Video » in the on-line timing : when pressed a blue frame is displayed around the icon.
-Start List , « Prepare with the competitors », withdrawal of the simple filter and new « X filters ». Adding of a counter and a telltale if a filter list is active. Bibo : adding of an option « Bibo total ». This « Bibo total » can be done filter by filter if there is a list
- Window "Filter" replacing the symbols "=, ~, <>" with “equal to”, “begins with the characters” and “is different from”
- Scoreboard: Adding Data "Rank: run (categories)," "Rank: event (categories)," "Gap: run (categories)," "Gap: event (categories)," "Positive gap: run (categories) ","Positive gap: event (categories), "" Negative Gap: run (categories), "" negative gap: event (categories). "
- Final Ranking: option "Summary / Statistics of results": activation only for Ranking after one run or final ranking in two runs.
- ESF (France): edition "Final ranking (points)" data "Handicap" is renamed "points race" and it is possible to change the naming in "Configuration" / "Edit language file."- FIS: Edit Final Ranking (points)": addition of the "penalty calculated" in addition to "penalty applied."
- Swiss-Ski: possibility to enter up to 5 forerunners per run
"Final ranking" option "Statistics": postponing filters if any.
- Timing window: if the order of competitors is changed in the start list, the list of pending starts is fully updated. For SkiAlp-Pro only: blocking of the functionality of the window "Start List" when it is open from the timing window.
- OESV: pre-filling of the regions while importing OESV competitors.
- Configuration of timers: renaming of the explanations for positioning speed measurement channels.
- "Delete Information": Adding of a progress bar that blocks any further action on the software.
- FIS Telemark: the official point lists are now those of ftp.fisski.ch instead of www.goberg.com before.
- FIS Timing Report: adding of the FIS Timing Report Application v3.0.0 instead of v2.1.8 TimingReportAlpine.
- FIS: Update of factors F, maximum penalty, "Adder", updated FIS categories (all sports, AL, SB, CC, ...), age categories FIS-ALP, FIS-MAST, FIS-SV, FIS TM and verification of XML exports of results and Timing reports (updated to v3.0.0).
- FFS: updating the categories of age-ALP FFS FFS-ETE, FFS-MA-A, FFS-.SV, FFS-TM, update of factors F, fixed penalties , min and max penalties, race adder, and verification of XML exports results
- Swiss-Ski: updating the categories of swiss-ski_alpin age, Factors F, fixed penalties and verification of XML exports results. Alpine points list verification .
- SkiAP: ESF: update downloading Ski Open points lists and Monitors. Displaying a message if the file is not available or can not connect to the server ftp.snmsf.com.
- OESV: updating oesv age categories in Alpine and Masters, F factors, verification of fixed penalties and results of exports . Check list of points in Alpine, Telemark no list. Direct display of PDF calculation of the penalty after the choice of coefficients.
- FAE (Andorra): Specific additive for Giant Slalom in one run . Update of the fixed penalty.
- USSA: updating the categories of age in USSA Alpine Masters and in addition, verification of factors F , fixed penalties and exports of results. Check points list Alpine and Masters, no Telemark list. Display a message if a firewall must be opened for downloading the racers points list
- NSKIV: update of NSKIV age categories in Alpine, verification of factors F and fixed penalties and export results (no update available) , Check list points in Alpine, no list Masters or Telemark .
- NSF: Interim update of NSF age categories in Alpine.
- ACA: Interim update ACA age categories in Alpine, same temporary factors F telemark list. Check points list in Alpine. No Masters list or Telemark.
- RFEDI: Update age categories, F factors and max penalty. Update adress of download for the lists in Alpine.
- FFS: Update downloading the FFS calendar and adding the Combi-Race discipline (Kinder Kombi in Regulations Canada).
- USSA: replacement of FIS TD report by publishing "USSA Transmittal Report" in USSA. Adding this document "Alpine Race Transmittal Sheet" in format pdf
- USSA: Window "General Parameter" FIS and USSA level: addition of the field "Division" and renaming "Region" to "State".
- USSA: updating Masters categories.
- USSA: Jury different depending on the type of event: "Jury-Speed event” in SG / DH / AC and otherwise "Jury – Technical event".
- USSA: “Modify Data” : adding a field "Rule" field to enter the reason for disqualification of an athlete. Same for FIS: "Reason" field. Printing of the “Rule” or “Reason” on the edits. - -Sending the "Reason" field in the results of exports to the FIS and USSA.
- FIS Timing Report: Enabling XML export for USSA races.
- FIS: TD report report replaced by the new form of preparatory notes to the TD report to be made on the internet.
- Window "Modify Data" : button replacing the message "Close" with "OK" icon and green instead of blue.
- Window "Calculator" adding of printing options for the calculation of a missing time.
- Updated language files German and German for Austria.
- Window "Start List": Right mouse-click Fixed split the column "Order" menu and activate "line" column for "Order" and "Name and First name".
- Window “Prepare start times”adding a "Filter" button.
- Parallels window "Selection of the active run" option to choose a group of FFS categories.
- Timing window: a “DNS” competitor who has a net time is marked with a an orange triangle sign.
- ESF: Fixed display of updating Open menu items as soon as the test is at the ESF regulation level and France. During the search of a competitor clubesf.com: Correction of the "search mode" display of the edit window of a competitor. Ability to import competitors Ski Open before the members list is available.
- USSA: added pdf "Transmittal report" in the installation package.
- FFS: addition of groups SB-DAR - TM- NCM / J.
- OESV: Edition of "Calculation of penalty" and "Referee's report" in .PDF format.
- Sending email: Correction of the connexion to mail servers.
- Added a mode "Management" mode available with or without dongle which gives access to all functions of the software except the timing and importing time of days.
- Selection of the temperature unit: Correction of the recording.

Version 3.0.21 (12/08/2015)

- Penalty calculation edit: restoration of the titles of the calculated results.

Version 3.0.20 (09/07/2015)

- Sending to Display-, Live- and Video-SkiAlp-Pro of all the competitors at start or expected at an intermediate or the finish to correct the bad update of competitors at start when there is more than 300 to 400 competitors.
- Timing device: new support for the MyLaps X2 decoder.
- Scoreboard: data "(Mass Start) Running time" option "Running time continues": continuous display even if a competitor has finished the run.
- Scoreboard: correction of occasional impossibilities to connect to Scoreboards because of the "Outside of timing" Scoreboard.
- FFS (France): possibility to manage Combi Race with the discipline "Giant slalom" in addition to the discipline "Slalom".
- Lists download: correction of an application freeze when a FTP server is unreachable (for example skiopen.net at level ESF (France)).
- FIS: update of the export which was blocked to version v2.3.
- Penalty calculation: the ceiling value for the penalty is initialised to 999.
- Timing devices configuration: new hint item for setting up speed measurement at intermediates.
- Update of methods for connecting sockets and for internet exchanges.

Version 3.0.19 (23/03/2015)

- Parallels: new option to apply a maximum of 3 s for all runs: option activated when changing an event to discipline Telemark.
- Telemark: update of the discipline code for parallel sprints in FIS results XML file.
- RFEDI (Spain): update of the download addresses for RFEDI points lists.

Version 3.0.18 (10/03/2015)

- Adding of the current run to Video SkiAlp-Pro

Version 3.0.17 (13/02/2015)

- Edits: new possibility to display two different data fields in a same column.
- USSA: addition of "ChiefOfTc" and "RaceAdmin" (= "CHIEF OF TIMEKEEPING" and "ADMINISTRATION") in edits header and in the .XML export result file.
- NSKIV (Netherlands): update of the download mode for the federal list of skiers because the server www.nskiv.org has switched to secure hypertext protocole.
- RFEDI (Spain): update of the download address of the federal list of skiers of category "damas U16".
- Update of language files in Italian.

Version 3.0.16 (04/02/2015)

- List of filters: non-ANSI characters are now correctly saved.
- FFS (France): ranking on 2 best runs from race points:
   - addition of progress bars when calculating the ranking
   - correction of the case of competitors having zero points in at least two runs
   - time optimisation when validating the penalty calculation window.
- FFS (France): replacement of XML control characters in exports coded in ANSI (FFS exports).
- RFEDI (Spain): update of the download address of RFEDI point lists. Autorisation of values under zero for the points.
- Update of language files in Italian and Russian.

Version 3.0.15 (09/01/2015)

OESV: update of the clubs file download address.

Version 3.0.14 (07/01/2015)

- Parallel events: new buttons for sending data to Video-SkiAlp-Pro. Addition of rankings data for scoreboards.
- USSA export: national code for jury members "chief course", "start referee", "finish referee", "datamanager", "raceadmin", "chief of timing"' are now exported.
- USSA export: competitors not ranked on one or several rounds are now exported only once.
- New timing device: support for RaceResults decoder.
- FAE (Andorre): update of F-factors, minimum and maximum penalty.

Version 3.0.12 (15/12/2014)

- Timing section: in the detection of non calculated net times, filters, forerunners range and already detected errors are taken into account, and only one information window is sent by bib.
- Update of the language file in Italian.

Version 3.0.11 (11/12/2014)

- Correction of the management of new impulses after the cancellation of an attributed day-time (at start, finish or intermediates).

Version 3.0.10 (10/12/2014)

- Telemark: correction of the final rounds pairing in Parallel Sprint.
- Addition of the possibility to use Live-SkiAlp-Pro and Live-SkiAlp-Pro-Fis when having no licence for Display-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Addition of a control for avoiding simultaneous writings in the time database.
- Update of the title "Penalty calculation" in German ("Zuschlagsberechnung").

Version 3.0.09 (27/11/2014)

- FIS courses: possibility to list several courses for each ski resort.
- RFEDI (Spain): addition of age categories U12 and U10.

Version 3.0.08 (25/11/2014)

- Telemark: enhancement of penalty entries: F12 then buttons "+1 s" and "-1 s".
- Telemark: quick penalties are now distinguished: between gate and jump penalties added with Ctrl + F5, F6, F7, F8.
- FIS Telemark: new possibility to download FIS points lists. The titles and presence of columns of points are reinitialised when opening a Telemark event created before version 3.0.07.
- FIS Telemark: export of the penalty in the field "TM_resultdetail" separated in nodes "gatepenaltytime" and "jumppenaltytime".
- FIS: update of the list of FIS homologated timing devices and photocells.
- FIS Timing Report: update of the list of timing devices.
- Scoreboard: new "Penalty" data.
- RFEDI (Espagne): new support for exchanges with this federation for downloading points lists, race points calculation, ...
- FFS (France): addition of the label "France team" in the field "Club".
- FFS (France): addition of a regroupement.
- Swiss-Ski (Switzerland): update of F-factors and of the download address for points lists alpine and biathlon.
- Swiss-Ski (Switzerland): correction of jury titles in edits header.
- OESV (Austria): update of alpine age categories.
- NSKIV (Netherlands): when downloading points lists an HTTP exchange authentication is now included as if from a web browser.
- Linking up cells hours with transponders hours: new choice to calculate net times from the photocell hour, instead of the transponder hour. In ski events, the photocells prevails: this option is tick-marked for every new event.
- "Alpine combined": update of this name instead of "Super Combined".
- Telemark: "Dual Sprint" becomes "Parallel Sprint".
- Update of the symbol "°" for temperatures so that it displays whatever the language.
- Translation completions.
- Update of language file in Italian.
- Update of language file in Norwegian.

Version 3.0.05 (09/10/2014)

- FIS list for FFS (France): update of the club name for French team members.
- Update of language files in Catalan and Spanish.
- Correction of edits preview: the foot of page is no more hidden by the Windows task bar.
- Restoration of the possibility to unactivate competitors fields.

Version 3.0.04 (01/10/2014)

- New "Demo" mode: possibility to test completely the software application in the limit of 20 lines of date-time or 10 net times.
- 2015 season: update of age categories, F-factors, default penalty for all federations.
- Scoreboard: creation of an off-line mode which enables to display data on scoreboards when the timing window is closed.
- FIS training heats: possibility to indicate if a heat is for training. The FIS export will mention it.
- Connection indicator in the timing window for optional software: for Display-SkiAlp-Pro, Live-SkiAlp-Pro and Video-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Event booklet: the edits can now be added to a list in order to assemble them later into a single .PDF file.
- Race points calculation: possibility to specify a minimum and maximum penalty. Addition of a footer for acronyms DNF, DSQ.
- Printing Parameters: titles are now centered by default in all the pages.
- FIS Start lists export: the heat number is now mentionned in the file name.
- Update of the documentation and language in Polish.
- FIS DT report: possibility to edit it during the timing. The menu now calls at the end the FIS official application. The title is truncated if it is too long.
- All federations: possibility to specify whether the event counts or not for race points at the beginning: in the window "General parameters".
- OESV (Austria): update of the download address for the points list. Two lists are now available: with or without points.
- NSKIV (Nederlands): update of the download address for the points list.
- ACA (Canada): add of the address where results must be uploaded.
- All federations: option to download the FIS courses of a specific country when downloading competitors' point lists.
- Swiss-Ski header: possibility to choose a course among the downloaded courses.
- Swiss-Ski DT Report: possibility to list 13 disqualified. The title is truncated if it is too long.
- USSA: possibility to enter one code by category and gender. Possibility to process the timing of a multi-sex race and at the end to select one codex or the others to export each sub-race. Update of the USSA export: Vola software is now USSA-homologated. USSA points list download has been securized.
- FFS calendar: importation of the DT code.
- Speed skiing: categories are now unlocked for national races.
- Timing window: new keyboard shortcuts in the time grids: "Enter" to write in the active cell, "Ctrl" + "left" or "right" to move to another column.
- You can introduce a competitor at an intermediate even if he is not waited there.
- Timing device: restoration of the printing from computer to timing device. By default, it is not active.
- Data sent by the timing device are first saved in database before printing result on the timing device. This avoids the risk of non-calculated net times.
- Timing devices: Alge Timy and TDC8000/8001: possibility to identify bibs on channels c4 to c9.
- Event type: addition of a ranking on 2 best heats according to race points.
- Timing device: addition of Video-Finish-Pro.
- Timing devices and scoreboards are now alphebetically sorted.
- Wireless-Pro: possibility to communicate with your timing devices via Internet through Vola server.
- Scoreboard data: simplification of formatting: addition of a suffix and a prefix.
- Sectors: the names of sectors and intermediates are now editable and reported on the edits and on Live-SkiAlp-Pro and Display-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Software protection: simplification of the window for coding the protection key. Addition of explanations in a footer.
- TimeTronics: possibility to chain up to 4 scoreboards.
- Timing / Live / Display: it is now possible to apply a filter list on the ranking instead of only one filter.
- Multipage editions paper printing: correction of the option "Collate" by heap of ascending page number.
- Update for opening spreadsheet files .XLS, .XLSX and .ODS when only OpenOffice is installed.
- Software recast: update of user controls (buttons, entering, grids, etc.), internet exchanges, HTML encoding, FTP transfers, read/write of files, etc.

Version 2.0.21 (24/02/2014)

- Broadcast of the results on Internet (edits, videos).
- USSA, ACA: update of XML results exportation.
- ACA (Canada): when importing ACA alpine list, withdrawal of quotation marks in the competitors' name.
- Timing Device: Alge Timy through USB: driving update (Alge OCX v2.7.6 of 2014-02-10).

Version 2.0.19 (28/01/2014)

- Edits "Run Start List" and "... ranking by team": correction of flags displaying in case of a list of filters.
- ACA (Canada): points are now directly downloaded from acapoints.ca (instead of loading them from a file).
- Languages: update for Catalan and Spanish and update of the documentation in Spanish.
- Speed Skiing: age categories pre-filled value is now "Speed 1".
- OESV exports: if the birth date equals zero, the tags "Geburtsdatum" are left empty.

Version 2.0.18 (17/01/2014)

- Handicap races: handicap values with 4 decimals (level FIS "DAR") or between 0 et 100 (Swiss-Ski).
- Parallel (Qualifications): update of the timing devices channels default configuration.
- OESV: the downloadable file for clubs (VEREIN) is now a .DBF file instead of a .ZIP archive.
- Alge timing devices: correction of the record of parameters besides channels (distances for speed at intermediates).
- Languages: update for German and German (Austria).
- In "General parameters": for FIS races, addition of the possibility to enter the organising committee club. And for national races, possibility to enter the corresponding nation.
- ACA (Canada): pre-fill of the codes for Canada regions (provinces and territories).
- USSA: restoration of the USSA exports on the basis of FIS exports v1.0 (version before 2012).

Version 2.0.16 (10/01/2014)

- Withdrawal of all printing from computer to timing device Alge Timy in order to respect the FIS rules.

Version 2.0.15 (08/01/2014)

- Correction of Offline time download for the Alge timing devices.

Version 2.0.14 (07/01/2014)

- FIS and FFS: addition of age categories for Speed Skiing and Telemark.
- FIS races exportation for FFS server: by default FIS level set to "FIS".
- Edition "Run Start List": correction of the flags attribution.
- Scoreboards: correction of data displayed after the finish.

Version 2.0.13 (03/01/2014)

- Correction of point lists importation (from version v2.0.12: deprecated version).
- Support for ACA regulations in Canada.
- ACA (Canada): addition of F-factors, age categories for alpine ACA races, possibility to update the ACA alpine points list from an official federal file generated on www.acapoints.ca.
- FIS races taking place in Canada: in "General Parameters", activation of a ACA frame (ACA specific codex in addition to the FIS codex).
- ACA (Canada): addition of the results XML export for ACA (Canada), control of the codex format (example: NAT13.0062).
- FFS exports (France): correction of double attributes "Sex" in the "Raceheader".
- ESF (France): restoration of the possibility to configure a custom ESF event format and set up custom percentages.

Version 2.0.11 (26/12/2013)

- FFS exports and FIS races (for FFS with button "Exporter FFS (affichage site internet)"): the FFS keeping an old format of 2012, withdrawal of the new format. Correction of data sent in the tag "FFS_niveau". Addition of selection windows for the level and regroupment to ensure that they are chosen. Update of FFS "Regroupements et Niveaux" for FIS races.
- Languages: update for Italian and Norwegian.
- Update of age categories for the Norwegian federation (NSF).
- Addition of a control on the recorded event number for the qualification event.

Version 2.0.10 (09/12/2013)

- Alge: Timing devices: correction of the non-memorisation of the channels, correction of the wrong affectation of sequential numbers to bib numbers.
- Timing window: correction of the full screen mode which did not display full screen with Windows XP.

Version 2.0.09 (05/12/2013)

- FFS: update of calendar importation.
- All timing devices: pre-fill of default channels for Parallels.
- OESV: correction of alpine header.

Version 2.0.08 (26/11/2013)

- FFS: export FTP: new FTP server.
- FIS Timing Report: update for the XML export.

Version 2.0.07 (21/11/2013)

- OESV: addition of the Schiedsrichter Assistant in edits header.
- FIS Timing Report: correction of hours format and XML file coded in UTF8.
- Manage competitors: refresh of the competitors list when the regulation or country is changed.
- Points lists for FFS and Swiss-Ski: correction of the current valid list research.

Version 2.0.06 (12/11/2013)

- FFS: exportation to FFS of races with no penalties (category U8, etc.): addition of the tag "FFS_Niveau".
- FFS: addition of levels "Niveaux FFS" besides groups "Regroupements FFS".
- ESF: possibility to update "Ski Open" points directly in section "Manage competitors"
- Languages: update for Catalan and Spanish.
- Withdrawal of status "DIC : intentionnal contact" specific to Cross.
- Parallels: default points are now slalom points (instead of downhill points).
- Parallels: addition of a parameter "record net times" (in FIS, it should only be activated for Nation Team Parrallels).
- Send of complementary data (temperature unit, altitud unit, etc.) to Live-SkiAlp-Pro-Fis (according to new version of FIS XML description v26).
- Header and exports: temperature with one number after the coma.
- Combined ranking: correction of the flag display if there is a filter list.

Version 2.0.05 (29/10/2013)

- FIS: Speed Skiing: addition of the FIS points list ; addition of the XML export for results.
- Alge: updates for TDC, Timer S4 and Timy: these timing devices are now recognized and fully efficient whatever baudrate is used on their RS232 output.
- Timing Devices: Alge Timy: correction of the data printed on the paper-band ; possibility to use several Timy plugged on different USB ports of the computer.
- Timing Devices: securisation of the serial communication (via COM port) to prevent any freeze of the application interface, and dis-activation of the periodical time send from Alge Timy.
- Automatic reconnection of all timing devices in case of connection loss, which for example happens sometimes with USB.
- Scoreboards: support for TimeTronics scoreboard, optimisation of the display protocol.
- The Ceres decoders are now named BeChronized.
- Scoreboard BeChronized: update.
- Support for .ODS files (OpenOffice spreadsheet files).
- ESF (France): possibility to update the competitors points at any time form the SkiOpen server or to download new entrants (JSON flux through PHP requests).
- ESF (France): update of ESF coefficients.
- Addition of a ranking according to gap from the finishers average result: rankings, edits, Scoreboard and Video data.
- FIS, FFS, Swiss-Ski, OESV, FAE, USSA, NSKIV, DSV, NSF: update of age categories ; update of F factors ; the points lists are now researched on the current season and then on the preceding season if needed.
- Possibility to calculate penalty in Speed Skiing (FFS and FIS).
- Update of FFS regroupments.
- Correction Swiss-Ski and OESV imports.
- FIS, FFS: pre-selection of age categories.
- Storing of the last three filters lists.
- Edits: addition of an option "Adjust grids width" to the page width set by margins.
- Withdrawal of menu "Video": all can now be directly set up in Video-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Flags: possibility to display flags in edits ; set up in "Local configuration" / "Folders" ; possibility to download the nation flags provided by Vola.
- Swiss-Ski: penalty calculation for less than 5 finishers for women or 10 for men.
- FIS: for parallels, new ranking rule: the eliminated ones in fourth of final (ranks 5 to 8) and in eighth of final (ranks 9 to 16) are now ex aequo, idem for the 9 to 16.
- FIS: three new exports and edits: referee report (and Swiss-Ski "DT Protocol"), FIS DT report and "FIS Timing and Data Technical Report" ; possibility to create an XML export of the "Timing and Data Report" in order to open and complete it in the FIS application "Timing Report Alpine".
- Window "Manage un-processed": addition of a column "gate" so that it gets quick to complete data for disqualified.
- USSA: possibility to enter two codex for FIS races in the USA (a FIS codex and a USSA codex).
- Championships: assignment of the same points to ex aequo if there is no tie-break chosen.
- Addition of the FFS Telemark points list.
- For FIS points, the maximum is 999.99, but it is possible to import amounts greater than 1000 points.
- Alpine header: addition of the "chief of timing" for FIS.
- Language updates: German, German (Austria), Italian, Polish.
- Addition of an option "Delete a group of competitors" for the Start List.
- Scoreboard: Alge D-Line 6 Digits: update of the default protocol and the default scenario.
- Team rankings: possibility to set a list of filters (instead of only one filter formerly).
- FFS export with the new XML format of the FIS ; export of races without penalty.

Version 1.0.14 (12/02/2013)

Swiss-Ski: Edition: Final Ranking (with points): Addition of the possibility to create two editions in one single PDF: the final ranking with points plus the Penalty Calculation (same thing for Parallel events too).
Swiss-Ski: XML exports are now in plain UTF8 ; this ensures the right encoding for accentuated characters.
Masters: Addition of discipline Super-G.
Edition: Start List: Addition of the "Start Time" field in the Start Lists edition.
Languages update: Translation update for Italian.
Timing Device: Alge Timy/Timy2: Update of the data printed by the timer printer.

Version 1.0.13 (24/01/2013)

FIS: Completion of the FIS level categories (for Alpine Skiing, Speed Skiing, Telemark, Masters, Grass Skiing and Snowboard).
OESV: Full date of birth importation from the OESV points lists: year, month and day. XML exports for results now contain this full date of birth.
OESV: Update of age categories. Addition of OESV Masters categories.
OESV: XML exports are now in plain UTF8 ; this ensures the right encoding for accentuated characters.
ESF: Addition of an "EXT" prefix for competitors without code. Simplification of the export process.
ESF: Addition of a reinitialisation button for the medals coefficients in window "National regulations".
ESF: XML exports for results now also contains competitors with special statuses (ABD, ABS, DSQ).
ESF: Addition a field for start time for each run in order to distinguish them in XML exports.

Version 1.0.12 (03/01/2013)

FFS: The freezes in windows “FFS Calendar” and “Courses” are corrected.
ESF: Firstname field is printed on the header.
Scoreboards: Display of forerunners on scoreboards can be disabled.

Version 1.0.11 (27/12/2012)

ESF: Correction of the competitors codes transcripted in the XML exportation to skiopen.net.
Languages update: Translation complements in Italian.
Swiss-Ski: Correction of the federation acronym.

Version 1.0.10 (21/12/2012)

FIS: Update of XML exports.
FIS header: Correction: Jury members (other than TD) are no longer displayed if they are empty.
FFS: Update of XML exports.
ESF: XML exports are now available and possibility to check and load your files on the server skiopen.net
ESF: Addition of the ski instructors list and for the Ski Open list: every competitor codes are now recorded.
Alge Timy/Timy2: Correction: Automatic reconnection when connection is lost (red square in the Timing window). All information is now printed on the timing device paper.
Alge Chronoprinters: Now you can choose the c0 - c18 channel to configure your timing device.

Version 1.0.09 (13/12/2012)

NSF: Update of the age categories and of the norwegian language file.
FFS: Telemark: Update of the age categories.
FFS: XML exports: Addition of the codes for grouping (e.g.: FFS, COQ-OR, Coupe-A, CIT, UNI, etc.), accentuated caracters are now taken into account in UTF8, correction of course setter and forerunner exportation.

Version 1.0.08 (07/12/2012)

Alge Timy/Timy2: Correction: Automatic reconnection when connection is lost (red square in the Timing window).
Micrograte: The channel “AUX” on the Timing Device Racetime 2 is now recognized as number 4.
NSKIV: Event type: Addition of a check-box for setting the event type to Baan. Correction: the right point values are now uses when Slalom or Giant Slalom or Baan is selected. Export file format is now the same as FIS.
Menu "Help" / "Documentation": Update of english and french help files.
Languages update: Translation complements in Italian.

Version 1.0.07 (03/12/2012)

FIS: XML exports: Correction of the course-setter fields in the parameters window "Header".
SwissSki: Points list: Correction of the imported points value.

Version 1.0.06 (26/11/2012)

Events with table rounds (Parallel, Telemark Dual Sprint): Correction: FIS rules recovery for constituting starting lists based on the previous round ranking.
National lists: Correction: The download links for events calendar and officials list have been moved.

Version 1.0.05 (16/11/2012)

ESF: Update for point open calculation for the Fusée.
NSF: New: Addition of the ski federation of Norway.
DSV: New: Addition of the ski federation of Germany.
NSKIV: New: Addition of the ski federation of the Netherlands, list importation is now possible.
FIS: Addition of all FIS categories (for adder calculation and XML exports).
FFS: Update for Tickets course : Ticket number displayed in the rankings, management of other days tickets. For Combi-Saut races, update of the data displayed on Scoreboards and in Display-SkiAlp-Pro.
SwissSki: For handicap race, update of the data displayed on Scoreboards

Version 1.0.03 (31/10/2012)

USSA: categorie di età aggiornate e F fattori per la stagione 2013
SwissSki: Aggiunta l'opzione per applicare una percentuale di invalidità del tempo alcuni piloti
Quadro di valutazione Alge D-Line: Aggiornamento del protocollo di comunicazione predefinito
Telemark: Esame di gara formati differenti (Classic, Sprint, gigante parallelo e Dual)
Velocità Sci: Prendendo in considerazione le categorie di età della FIS e FFS

Version 1.0.02 (25/10/2012)

FIS: Redesign of the window "Header" in order to follow the evolutions of FIS XML export files.
FIS: Update of categories and F-factors for season 2013.
FFS: Update of categories and F-factors for season 2013, addition of the management of computer one-day race licence tickets.
ESF: Update of coefficients for season 2013.
SwissSki: Update of categories and F-factors for season 2013.



how to build and apply filters
Export to excel
how to export to a spreadsheet Excel or Open Office
how to import a competitor list from a file
Club events
how to manage a club event
how to get a new licence or an update of your dongle
Dongle driver
how to install the driver of your dongle
Alge D-Line
how to set and drive Alge D-Line with Vola-Pro

Start List

Snow Seed draw
how to draw the Snow Seeds
Second event with racers keeping the same bibs
how to avoid using 2 sets of bibs while respecting the ski rules

Manage Competitors

Missing Bibs
how to handle the missing bibs

Timing on-line

Add a racer
how to add a racer once race has started
Change bib number
how to change a bib number in the on line timing
how to enter and manage forerunners

Modify Data

Missing Time (EET calculation)
how to compute a missing time with the manual timing

Parallel events

Qualification : Configuration
how to configure the event type of a parallel qualification
Qualification : Timing device and start list
how to configure the timing device and the start list for a parallel qualification
Qualification : Timing
how to process the timing of a parallel qualification
Final Rounds : configuration
how to configure the event type for the final rounds of a parallel event
Final rounds : competitors import
how to import the qualified competitors for the final rounds of a parallel event
Final rounds : Bibs
how to assign the bibs to the qualified competitors for the final rounds of a parallel event
Final rounds : Timing device
how to configure the Timing Device for the final rounds of a parallel event
Final rounds : Start List for the first round of finals : 16th of finals
how to configure the start list for the 16th of finals
Final rounds : start list for the second round of finals : 8th of finals
how to configure the start list for the 8th of finals
Final rounds : timing the 8th of finals
how to process the timing for the 8th of finals of a parellel event

Parallel events (finals)

Parallel events (finals)
how to run a parallel event (finals)

Handicap events

Handicap races - national level
how to set up a handicap race at national level
Handicap events - FIS
how to set up a handicap race at FIS level

Tips and tricks

Ctrl + C copy data
how to copy data from Vola applications
Start list draw by category with empty bibs
how to draw by category in leaving spaces for empty bibs


Referee Report
how to help the refereee (FIS race) to fill his report
Timing and Data Technical Report
how to export the Timing and Data Technical Report
TD Report
how to help the TD (FIS race) to fill his report
XML export
how to save and export the xml file of your race to the FIS


Please click on the tab "Documents" to get our catalogue and documentation

SkiAlp-Pro is an application allowing the management, processing and printing of alpine skiing competitions (slalom, giant slalom, super-G, downhill, super-combi, telemark, speed-skiing, etc.)
SkiAlp-Pro is a professional timing application developped by Vola.

SkiAlp-Pro is distributed in two modes.
- Demo to test this software component.
This mode is limited to 20 impulses per event. You can download SkiAlp-Pro for evaluation on this web site.
- Extended for full version.
To work, this mode requires the purchase of a software protection coded on a specific USB dongle.

The dongle must be installed on the computer where SkiAlp-Pro runs.

System requirements
A modern computer without any special features.
SkiAlp-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.
Hard disk with at least 50 Mo of available space.
Screen 1024 x 768 or higher recommended.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Full version with dongle CHF 612.-  , shipment for dongle in addition.
Full version without dongle CHF 540.-
Update : CHF 320

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at sales@vola-racing.ch including:
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