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Software for Freestyle and Snowboard Management

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Update : CL260/U
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Version : 2.0.02
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Change Log

Version 2.0.02 (23/02/2016)

Version 2.0.01 (02/02/2016)

In a Snowboard Cross event, the FIS rules indicate that competitors eliminated before the final round of finals should be ranked according to their qualification time. Software corrected accordingly

Version 2.0.00 (22/12/2014)

- New for Freestyle disciplines: possibility to record a round composed of 1 to 3 runs for disciplines "Big Air", "Halfpipe" and "Slopestyle". Freestyle data are reported on Scoreboards.
- New support for for alpine Snowboarding disciplines: giant, parallels qualifications and finals.
- Parallels: update of the pairings for final rounds.
- Parallels: possibility to rank eliminated in finals according to their qualification time instead of their rank in finals.
- New "Demo" mode: possibility to test completely the software application in the limit of 20 lines of date-time or 10 net times.
- Season 2015: update of age categories, F-factors, default penalty for all federations.
- Scoreboard: creation of an off-line mode which enables to display data on scoreboards when the timing window is closed.
- Connection indicator in the timing window for optional software: for Display-SkiAlp-Pro, Live-SkiAlp-Pro and Video-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Event booklet: the edits can now be added to a list in order to assemble them later into a single .PDF file.
- Printing Parameters: titles are now centered by default in all the pages.
- FIS training heats: possibility to indicate if a heat is for training. The FIS export will mention it.
- FIS Start lists export: the heat number is now mentionned in the file name.
- Update of the symbol "°" for temperatures so that it displays whatever the language.
- FIS DT report: possibility to edit it during the timing. The menu now calls at the end the FIS official application. The title is truncated if it is too long.
- National races: possibility to specify whether the event counts or not for race points at the beginning: in the window "General parameters".
- USSA: possibility to enter one code by category and gender. Possibility to process the timing of a multi-sex race and at the end to select one codex or the others to export each sub-race. Update of the USSA export: Vola software is now USSA-homologated. USSA points list download has been securized.
- FFS calendar: importation of the DT code.
- Timing window: new keyboard shortcuts in the time grids: "Enter" to write in the active cell, "Ctrl" + "left" or "right" to move to another column.
- You can introduce a competitor at an intermediate even if he is not waited there.
- Timing device: restoration of the printing from computer to timing device. By default, it is not active.
- Data sent by the timing device are first saved in database before printing result on the timing device. This avoids the risk of non-calculated net times.
- Timing devices: Alge Timy and TDC8000/8001: possibility to identify bibs on channels c4 to c9.
- Event type: addition of a ranking on 2 best heats according to race points.
- Timing device: addition of Video-Finish-Pro.
- Timing devices and scoreboards are now alphebetically sorted.
- Wireless-Pro: possibility to communicate with your timing devices via Internet through Vola server.
- Scoreboard data: simplification of formatting: addition of a suffix and a prefix.
- Sectors: the names of sectors and intermediates are now editable and reported on the edits and on Live-SkiAlp-Pro and Display-SkiAlp-Pro.
- Software protection: simplification of the window for coding the protection key. Addition of explanations in a footer.
- TimeTronics: possibility to chain up to 4 scoreboards.
- Timing / Live / Display: it is now possible to apply a filter list on the ranking instead of only one filter.
- Multipage editions paper printing: correction of the option "Collate" by heap of ascending page number.
- Update for opening spreadsheet files .XLS, .XLSX and .ODS when only OpenOffice is installed.
- Software recast: update of user controls (buttons, entering, grids, etc.), internet exchanges, HTML encoding, FTP transfers, read/write of files, etc.

Version 1.0.07 (17/01/2014)

- In "General parameters": for FIS races, addition of the possibility to enter the organising committee club. And for national races, possibility to enter the corresponding nation.
- ACA (Canada): pre-fill of the codes for Canada regions (provinces and territories).
- Languages: update for German and German (Austria).

Version 1.0.06 (10/01/2014)

- Withdrawal of all printing from computer to timing device Alge Timy in order to respect the FIS rules.
- FIS races exportation for FFS server: by default FIS level set to "FIS".
- Scoreboards: correction of data displayed after the finish.
- Support for ACA regulations in Canada.
- FFS exports (France): correction of double attributes "Sex" in the "Raceheader".
- ESF (France): restoration of the possibility to configure a custom ESF event format and set up custom percentages.

Version 1.0.05 (26/12/2013)

- Languages: update for Italian and Norwegian.
- FFS exports and FIS races (for FFS with button "Exporter FFS (affichage site internet)"): the FFS keeping an old format of 2012, withdrawal of the new format. Correction of data sent in the tag "FFS_niveau". Addition of selection windows for the level and regroupment to ensure that they are chosen. Update of FFS "Regroupements et Niveaux" for FIS races.

Version 1.0.04 (18/12/2013)

- Addition of a control on the recorded event number for the qualification event.
- FIS, FFS, Swiss-Ski, OESV, FAE, USSA: update of age categories ; addition of FFS and FIS Ski-Cross lists ; the points lists are now researched on the current season and then on the preceding season if needed.
- In Offline mode with an Alge timing device: drop-down menu with "c0, c1,..." instead of an edit-box.
- Timing Device Alge TDC 8000/8001: pre-fill of default channels.
- Timing Devices Alge: updates for TDC, Timer S4 and Timy: these timing devices are now recognized and fully efficient whatever baudrate is used on their RS232 output.
- Timing Devices: Alge Timy: correction of the data printed on the paper-band ; possibility to use several Timy plugged on different USB ports of the computer.
- Timing Devices: securisation of the serial communication (via COM port) to prevent any freeze of the application interface, and dis-activation of the periodical time send from Alge Timy.
- Automatic reconnection of all timing devices in case of connection loss, which for example happens sometimes with USB.
- Scoreboards: support for TimeTronics scoreboard, optimisation of the display protocol.
- The Ceres decoders are now named BeChronized.
- Scoreboard BeChronized: update.
- Support for .ODS files (OpenOffice spreadsheet files).
- ESF (France): possibility to update the competitors points at any time form the SkiOpen server or to download new entrants (JSON flux through PHP requests).
- Addition of a ranking according to gap from the finishers average result: rankings, edits, Scoreboard and Video data.
- Update of "Regroupments FFS", addition of "Niveaux FFS".
- FIS, FFS: pre-selection of age categories.
- Storing of the last three filters lists.
- Edits: addition of an option "Adjust grids width" to the page width set by margins.
- Flags: possibility to display flags in edits ; set up in "Local configuration" / "Folders" ; possibility to download the nation flags provided by Vola.
- USSA: possibility to enter two codex for FIS races in the USA (a FIS codex and a USSA codex).
- Championships: assignment of the same points to ex aequo if there is no tie-break chosen.
- For FIS points, the maximum is 999.99, but it is possible to import amounts greater than 1000 points.
- Language updates: German, German (austria), Italian, Polish, Catalan, Spanish and Norwegian.
- Addition of an option "Delete a group of competitors" for the Start List.
- Scoreboard: Alge D-Line 6 Digits: update of the default protocol and the default scenario.
- Team rankings: possibility to set a list of filters (instead of only one filter formerly).
- Manage competitors: refresh of the competitors list when the regulation or country is changed.

Version 1.0.03 (12/02/2013)

Swiss-Ski: Edition: Final Ranking (with points): Addition of the possibility to create two editions in one single PDF: the final ranking with points plus the Penalty Calculation.
Languages update: Translation update for Italian.
Timing Device: Alge Timy/Timy2: Update of the data printed by the timer printer.

Version 1.0.02 (31/01/2013)

Ski-Cross and Snowboard-Cross: In the window "Select current active event", finals level is now pre-filled.
Ski-Cross and Snowboard-Cross: Addition of the Age category grid selection in the window "General Parameters".
FIS: In the window "Event type": Completion of the FIS level categories (for Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard).
USSA: Correction of the default points value which is zero in Snowboard points lists.
OESV: Correction of the points list importation: the points of each discipline are recorded in the corresponding column in <SkiSnow-Pro>.
OESV, Swiss-Ski: XML exports are now in plain UTF8 ; this ensures the right encoding for accentuated characters.
Swiss-Ski: Correction of the federation acronym.
Final ranking type: Ranking type can now be chosen.
Timing Devices: Correction of the default channel chart tab for Ski-Cross and Snowboard-Cross.
Scoreboards: Display of forerunners on scoreboards can be disabled.
Languages update: Translation complements in Italian.
ESF: Addition a field for start time for each run in order to distinguish them in XML exports.
ESF: Addition of a reinitialisation button for the medals coefficients in window "National regulations".
ESF: Importing competitors from a file: Addition of a competitor code control in order to add corresponding prefixes ("ESF", "FFS", etc.).

Version 1.0.01 (21/12/2012)

ALGE: Correction of channels in timing device configuration
Swiss-Ski: Update of snowboard age categories

Version 1.0.00 (14/12/2012)

Support of Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross.

  • Update of Freestyle and Snowboard age category file.
  • Update of XML export for Ski Cross.
FFS: Addition of the management of computer one-day race licence tickets.
Swiss-Ski: Update of snowboard category file.
ESF: Support for X Boarder and SkierCross.
Alge Timy/Timy2:
  • Correction: Automatic reconnection when connection is lost (red square in the Timing window).
  • Informations are now printed on the timing device paper.
Alge Chronoprinters: Now you can choose the c0 – c18 channel to configure your timing device.


Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks
how to update your hardware protection key
Ctrl + C copy data
how to copy data from Vola applications


SkiSnow-Pro is an application allowing the management, processing and printing of snowboarding and freestyle skiing competitions (ski-cross, snow-cross, qualification runs)
SkiSnow-Pro is a professional timing application developped by Vola.

SkiSnow-Pro is distributed in two modes.
- Free to test this software component.
This is a limited mode. You can download SkiSnow-Pro for evaluation on this web site.
- Extended for full version.
To work, this mode requires the purchase of a software protection coded on a specific USB dongle.

The dongle must be installed on the computer where SkiSnow-Pro runs.

System requirements
A modern computer without any special features.
SkiSnow-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.
Hard disk with at least 50 Mo of available space.
Screen 1024 x 768 or higher recommended.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Full version with dongle CHF 612.- , shipment for dongle in addition.
Full version without dongle CHF 540.-
Update : CHF 320.-

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at sales@vola-racing.ch:
- The list of products ordered,
- Your company name (or association name),
- Your name,
- Your billing address,
- Your delivery address,
- Your phone number,
- Your e-mail adress,
- If you have, your website address.


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