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Serial Printer P5

Serial printer for Alge Timing devices

Reference : A1-29
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Serial printer P5 for Alge Timing devices

The P5 is a quiet and fast Thermo-Paper-Printer (up to 5 lines per second). The construction makes an easy paper change possible. The transport axle is combined with the paper cover and guaranties, that the paper can be changed without arranging the paper complicated.
The printer head does not move since it is arranged over the complete line. Because of this construction a blocking of the paper between the axle and the printer head is almost impossible.

The P5 printer can be connected to a PC or to different Alge Timing devices (i.e Timy, S4, Start clock ASC3, etc..)

The Printer P5 is made of a reliable protocol printer for Timing. The big advantage over other printers is that it works without heating from –20° up to 55°C.
Of course the Printer P5 can also be used for other occasions where you need a reliable printer with RS 232 interface.

Principal of Printer: Graphic Thermo Printer
Paper: Thermo paper, 57 mm (2.24 in) wide, diameter 49 mm (1,97 in), length of a roll about 25 m (75 feet)
Printer Speed: Up to 5 lines per second
Interface: RS 232
Baud Rate: 2400 Baud
Protocol: ASCII, 1 start bit, no parity bit, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit
Operation Elements: key for paper feed
Connection Sockets: power supply (5 to 15 VDC)
Connection Plugs: depending on type, cable length about 1 m / 39 in
External Supply: from timer or external (5 to 15 VDC)
Working Temperature Range:: -20 to 55°C / -4 to 131 F
Measurements: about 157 x 94 x 64 mm / 6.18 x 3.7 x 2,52 in
Weight: about 350 g / 0,8 lb (without paper