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Full : CL515
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Version : 8.1.09
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Change Log

Version 8.1.09 (03/11/2017)

Version 8.1.00 (03/05/2017)

- Adaptation to version 8.1. of Jumping-Pro

Version 8.0.03 (28/03/2017)

- Horses, and riders fields names: Fields name modification from Jumping-Pro are reported in connected applications.
- Withdrawal of a reinitialisation by Live-Jumping-Pro and Display-Jumping-Pro of data sent by Jumping-Pro.

Version 8.0.02 (20/03/2017)

- Adaptation to the version 8 of Jumping-Pro

Version 7.0.07 (06/09/2016)

The provisional ranking does not display the not classified competitors in at least one test

Version 7.0.05 (29/08/2016)

Adding of the cross discipline

Version 7.0.04 (24/03/2016)

- Correction of the ranking of the competition after a jump-off against the clock.

Version 7.0.03 (24/03/2016)

- Correction of errors when the the "Ranking Type" was switched from "Competition" to "Round" ranking during the timing of the second round.

Version 7.0.02 (18/03/2016)

- According to the chosen language, the fields names for horses and riders are loaded from the corresponding language file. These fields names can be modified only from Jumping-Pro, in the window "Manage Horses" after having configurated the desired language.
- In a "2 stages Competition at differed time", the column "Points" is now already filled during the first stage and displays the addition of points during the second stage, instead of being filled only after the end of the second phase.

Version 6.0.13 (29/07/2015)

- Eventing: correction of the display of the eventing ranking and the cross ranking.
- Cross: time displayed with format hour-minutes-seconds instead of the total of seconds.
- Jumping: correction of time formating.

Version 6.0.10 (10/06/2015)

- Usage of Jumping-Pro colors in the web display: .CSS default file (yellow on black background instead of red on white background).
- Display of the newly added status "Disqualified".

Version 6.0.09 (19/05/2015)

- Dressage: new data fields for the details of the final result and the details for each judge.
- Possibility to invert ranking grids.

Version 6.0.08 (06/05/2015)

- Correction when switching to another arena.

Version 6.0.06 (06/05/2015)

- Addition of a grid with the next competitors at start in reverse order.
- Dressage: possibility to display data of competitors on track, start lists and rankings.

Version 6.0.03 (21/04/2015)

- New possibility to display successively the results of several arenas.
- New possibility to display Show jumping data in an Eventing Competition. Possibility to display the Eventing points total.
- New possibility to display the Eventing ranking.

Version 6.0.01 (02/04/2015)

- Correction of the optimum time ranking.

Version 6.0.00 (18/03/2015)

- Addition of a red or green light for the validaty of Meetings directory and a red or green light for the connection to timing.
- The count of connected users is now processed and displayed.
- Display of results data for Optimum time competitions.

Version 5.0.04 (21/05/2014)

- Caracter encoding set to UTF8 in "Start List" and "Ranking" tabs.

Version 5.0.03 (18/04/2014)

- No more error message shown when loosing internet connection.

Version 5.0.02 (27/03/2014)

- The ports which should be opened in the firewall are now: 21741, 21742, 21743.
- Management of error messages when deconnecting.

Version 5.0.01 (21/03/2014)

- Correction of the display of accentuated characters.

Version 5.0.00 (20/02/2014)

- Software recast: Update of user controls (buttons, entering, grids, etc.), internet exchanges, read/write of files, etc.

Version 4.1.00 (26/07/2013)

Change in the time and faults databases format (4.1): to enable the recording of the penalties details beyond 20 obstacles (and up to 24 obstacles).

Version 4.0.03 (25/04/2013)

The information type "Position ... of start list" now always displays the position in the start list of the first round (instead of the current round or jumpoff).

Version 4.0.02 (19/04/2013)

Version 3.1.00 (12/09/2012)

Version ()



Nation Flags
how to load the nation flags on Live Jumping-Pro


Live-Jumping-Pro is a Web interface which uses information from Jumping-Pro and offers the possibility to broadcast live information over the Internet (competitors on course, net times, rankings, etc..). Live Jumping-Pro is rented for one year period. You can also easily host the information of your competitions on your website, if this is your wish.

To use this service you need to:
Time with Jumping-Pro in Extended Mode
Use the latest versions of Jumping-Pro-Pro and Live Jumping
Make sure that the first two digits of version number Jumping-Pro and Pro-Jumping Live match
Be connected to the Internet via a standard ADSL connection or a 3G connection. These connections must have enough available bandwidth and be stable.
Have communication ports TCP / IP number 21741, 21742 and 21743 open

With Live-Jumping-Pro, we provide you a technology set that includes:
Rapid access to the Web via SDSL.
This connection is necessary to accept many clients simultaneously.
A powerful web server which is dedicated to this application and with Web software developed for it by Vola.
A technology that enables users to consult timing information on different kind of devices : computers, tablets, smartphones, etc..

Live-Jumping-Pro integrates seamlessly into your website:
colours can be adapted,
the names of the columns are configurable,
the size of the window Live-Jumping-Pro is adjustable, ...

When you subscribe Live-Jumping-Pro, we provide an application wich sends timing data to internet and the address were you can consult results.

System requirements
A modern computer without any special features.
Live-Jumping-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Live-Jumping-Pro is for rent at CHF 720.- per year.
We have no other rental period.

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at sales@vola-racing.ch including :
- The list of products ordered,
- Your company name (or association name),
- Your name,
- Your billing address,
- Your delivery address,
- Your phone number,
- Your e-mail address,
- If you have, your website address.


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