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Software for Circuit Web Broadcasting

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Full : CL315
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Version : 5.0.22
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Change Log

Version 5.0.22 (03/11/2017)

Version 5.0.18 (14/12/2016)

Network read/write are done on a separate thread.
Adjustement of keep-alive interval to 2500 milliseconds.
Improvement of network connection management to the timing software. 
Correction of reconnection to the timing software for the tracking management.
Fastest restart of the tracking if the race already contains a lot of passings.
Better handle of ressources releasing when closing the software.
Do not show error anymore at the program close.
Correction of a false positive when attempting to connect to a network device.
Remove of the third socket which is not used anymore and was causing a disconnect every two hours.
Others minors corrections and improvements.

Version 5.0.16 (07/06/2016)

When a competitor enters the pitlane, we display « PIT IN » instead of his time sector S3.
Change of message when a steer under yellow flag and when the green flag is back.

Version 5.0.14 (29/04/2016)

When sending the tracking's background image, the other frames are blocked.
Fixed sending bends under flag.
Up-date of the SQLite library 3.17.0.
Digital signature of the executable.
Optimized search fo the last message from race control.
The time on track is calculated from the pit exit.

Version 5.0.09 (03/07/2015)

Tracking: Correction default time of sector 3.
Tracking: Correction on sending the synchronization.
Tracking: Optimizing synchronization verification
Tracking: Correction of sending the background image.
Tracking: Correction loading filters of the circuit of the background image.
Correction on sending special characters.
Adding the tab for the messages of the race direction.

Version 4.0.00 (26/03/2013)

Version 3.08 (17/08/2012)

The installation pack can not be downloaded.
We send it to you when you subscribe to a one-year rent period.


Live-Circuit-Pro is a web application for Circuit-Pro.
With Live-Ciruit-Pro you can broadcast in live: start list, live ranking of an event on your web site.

To use this service you need to:
Time with Circuit-Pro in Extended Mode
Use the latest versions of Circuit-Pro and Live Circuit-Pro
Make sure that the first two digits of version number Circuit-Pro and Pro-Circuit Live match
Be connected to the Internet via a standard ADSL connection or a 3G connection. These connections must have enough available bandwidth and be stable.
Have communication ports TCP / IP number 21741, 21742 and 21743 open

With Live-Circuit-Pro, we provide you a technology set that includes:
Rapid access to the Web via SDSL.
This connection is necessary to accept many clients simultaneously.
A powerful web server which is dedicated to this application and with Web software developed for it by Vola.
A technology that enables users to consult timing information on different kind of devices : computers, tablets, smartphones, etc..

Live-Circuit-Pro integrates seamlessly into your website:
colours can be adapted,
the names of the columns are configurable,
the size of the window Live-Circuit-Pro is adjustable, ...

When you subscribe Live-Circuit-Pro, we provide an application wich sends timing data to internet and the address were you can consult results.

System requirements
A modern computer without any special features.
Live-Circuit-Pro works with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)
Live-Circuit-Pro is for rent at CHF 720.-
We have no other rental period.

To send an order, please send us an e-mail at timing@vola.fr :
- The list of products ordered,
- Your company name (or association name),
- Your VAT number (for european countries),
- Your name,
- Your billing address,
- Your delivery address,
- Your phone number,
- Your e-mail address,
- If you have, your website address.


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